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Volleyball Manual 2021-22 - KSHSAA

Triangular(three schools playing one another) = 2 points c. Quad (four schools playing one another) = 3 points d. Tournament(more than four teams involved or when teams play four or more matches in one day) = 5 points Tournaments are limited to no more than six matches being played by any one school.

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The first team to win three sets shall be the winner of the match. The 4th and 5th sets shall not be played unless necessary to determine the winner of the match. All sets shall be 25 points (no cap). The 5th and deciding set shall be 15 points (no cap) and the team must win by two camps. Record Scores Online.

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KSHSAA Ejection Policy. NEW Fall Preseason Practice Rules. Competition Volleyball. Heat Safety Information. Line-Up Card. Officials Signal Sequence. Off-Season Rules & Regulations. Other Information. Roster/Line-Up Card. Rules Mtg (Review) Uniform Information. KSHSAA Concussion Reporting System


Rule 43 – Volleyball Rule 22 – Outside Competition Rule 30 – Seasons of Activities Rule 32 – Baseball Rule 34 – Cross Country Rule 35 – Football Rule 36 – Golf Rule 37 – Gymnastics Rule 38 – Soccer Rule 39 – Softball Rule 40 – Swimming & Diving Rule 41 – Tennis Rule 42 – Track & Field Rule 43 – Volleyball


3. VOLLEYBALL RULES INTERPRETATIONS Rule 4-1 EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES Cloth face coverings are permissible. (4-1-4) Gloves are permissible. (4-1-1) Rule 4-2 LEGAL UNIFORM Long sleeves are permissible. (4-2-1) Long pants are permissible. (4-2-1i (1)) KSHSAA SCHEDULING MODIFICATIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS:


1. Youth volleyball games will be played using rally-point scoring. 2. A point shall be scored by the opponent each time a team commits a fault. 3. If the serving team wins the rally, it scores a point and continues to serve. If the receiving team wins the rally, it scores a point and gains serve. Each time a team gains serve, it must rotate one


50 Weeks, 50 Stories - Starting June 23rd the KSHSAA will celebrate the 50th year of Title IX, when Congress proclaimed that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."


Following are the district football assignments for the 2022 and 2023 football seasons. For additional information concerning scheduling, brackets, district chairpersons, etc., see pages 12-13, sections 4.A thru 4.G of the 2021 KSHSAA Football Manual.