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During Play. A player loses a point when the ball hits him or anything he is wearing or carrying besides the racket. The only way to score a legal point in tennis is by using your racket. The moment a ball hits your body or clothing, the play is deemed over and the point is awarded to your opponent. Catching the Ball

What Happens When The Ball Hits a Player's Shoe

ANSWER: You win the point. Rule 24i explains that a player loses the point if a ball in play touches the player or anything the player is wearing or carrying (excluding the racquet). Your opponent lost the point as soon as the ball hit his shoe. Code 19 requires your opponent to concede the point when this happens.

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Tennis Rules for When the Ball Hits a Player Service Fault. The rules set forth by the International Tennis Federation state that your serve is considered a fault... Let Serve. Your serve is considered a let if the ball touches the net, the strap or the net's headband and lands in the... Serve Hits ...

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Tennis Rules for When the Ball Hits a Player Receiver During Serve. The USTA awards a point to the server if the served ball hits the receiver -- or, in a doubles... Server During Serve. A service is ruled a fault if the served ball touches the server or the server's partner, or any... During Play. ...

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Here are some of the primary naming conventions in use for courts: Net: divides the court in half. Net posts: holds up the ne t on either side of the court. Baseline: lines at the end of the court. Center mark: a small line at the center of the baseline. Singles sideline: inner lines at the sides of ...

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Anytime a player gets hit by or touches a ball that is in play, the point goes to the opponent (s). This is always the case, even if the ball was going out. A player can’t catch the ball before ...

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if the ball passes over his or her court or beyond his or her end line without touching his or her court, after being struck by an opponent; This means after the ball passes beyond the end line (end of the table) - the point is over and whoever hit the ball beyond the end line loses the point.

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When in play, the player cannot touch the net or net post, or cross over onto the opponent’s side of the court. If they do, this player will lose the point. A player can only hit the ball once before returning it to the other side of the net. The boundary lines of the court are considered part of the court.