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a one-handed soft hit into the opponent's court using the fingertips. The offensive action of hitting the ball. a line 3m from the net that separates the front row players from the back row players. A defensive play by one or more front row players meant to intercept a spiked ball.

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Random Quiz. Definition. Word. Scoring off of a hit. when a serve is not returned. an offensive move used to place the ball right behind the block. when you hit the other team in the face really hard. back row player. this player wears a different color jersey then the rest of the team.

Volleyball Terms Flashcards | Quizlet

The offensive action of hitting the ball. The attempt by one team to terminate the play by hitting the ball to the floor on the opponent's side. attack. Receiving players' aggressive attempt to block a spiked ball before it crosses the net. attack block. An unsuccessful attack which does one of the following: 1) the ball lands out of bounds, 2 ...

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To break up or loosen earth with an implement. To empty a container so that its contents fall in a heap. A bit of optical debris in the lens that may be perceived as a spot before the eye. Remaining after the deduction of all charges, outlay, or loss. A flat food made of thin batter and cooked on both sides. Fast in understanding, thinking, or ...

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A back-row player comes in front of the 3-meter line and attacks the ball above the height of the net. The correct call would be. A. This is a legal play, so play would continue. B. Backrow players are not allowed to attack the ball infront of the 3-meter line. C.

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Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players stand on opposite sides of a net, and tries to score points on one another by grounding a ball on the opposing side. Question: | Attempts: 367 | Last updated: May 22, 2019. Take This Basic Volleyball Game Quiz. Take this basic Volleyball Game Quiz.

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Volleyball, invented in America as a hybrid of tennis and basketball. It can be played either outdoors at the beach or indoors. Let’s see how much you know about this acclaimed sport by taking these trivia Volleyball Quiz Questions and Answers presented to you by us at We Love Quizzes.

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Basic Volleyball Hits • Bump/Forearm Pass/Underhand Pass – Used to pass the ball to a teammate. Hands together; keep arms straight; bend your knees, do not swing your arms; contact ball with the flat part of your forearms • Set/Overhead Pass/Fingertip Pass – Used to set up a teammate for a spike. Create a triangle with your

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DECOY: A move in which the actual spiker of the ball is disguised. This takes the opposing team by surprise. DIG: The act of reaching a ball spiked by the opponents and passing it to a teammate. DOUBLE HIT: An illegal move that implies that the same player has touched the ball twice in succession.